Friday, 12 February 2016


Here are the HexMyTD results for GE2011.

First of all, these aren't the incumbents—they're who won where in 2011. So this neglects Labour leavers, Fine Gael Renua-ers, by-elections etc. Also, my old renderer doesn't like fadas (I'm not trying to have a swipe at Fine Fáil).

It struck me how red and blue the map ended up. Yes, FG and Labour were the two biggest parties but I'm not sure I expected such a division. Throw in Sinn Féin and you have a real red Liffeyside going on.

Second of all, constituency changes are a pain in the ass for a part time mapper like myself. So let me know in the if I've missed your constituency (hopefully not—though it did take me a while to sort out Roscommon-Leitrim-Sligo) or favourite TD (a distinct possibility). Here is the updated legend for the 2011 constituencies.

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